(Watch Goal on Video) Son Heung-min scores! 56’… Liverpool 0-1 Tottenham

Son puts Tottenham in front!

The ball is floated forward to Salah who is rugby tackled to the floor by Davies.

Tottenham then break on the counter with Son. He gets into a shooting position, but he had better options.

Photo Credit: SpursOfficial/Twitter

(Watch Goal on Video) Lukaku scores again! 58’… Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

Lukaku at the double!

Coady fires the ball into Neves and it bounces back out to Lukaku who does not need a second invitation before brilliantly curling the ball into the bottom right corner with his weaker foot.

Wolves architects of their own downfall. Lukaku clinical.

Photo Credit: SkySportsStatto/Twitter

(Watch Goal on Video) Lukaku scores! 56’… Chelsea 1-0 Wolves

Chelsea are in front!

Lukaku calmly rolls the ball into the bottom left corner. Sa went the wrong way.

Saiss swipes at Lukaku whilst on the deck.

Peter Bankes has been advised to go over to the screen and have a look. I think we know what’s next…

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Blues fans warned as Todd Boehly signs Chelsea deal

Chelsea have agreed terms on the £4.25bn sale of the club to Todd Boehly.

The American billionaire is also the owner of the LA Dodgers baseball team, and leads the consortium.

But what can Chelsea fans expect when current owner Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich passes control of the club to American billionaire Boehly ?

Sports business analyst Darren Rovell believes Chelsea fans should brace themselves as there will be spending much less on transfers.

Rovell said: “Look, everyone is a downgrade from Roman.

“Boehly is not the billionaire that Roman was so I think if Chelsea fans got used to literally going after everyone and money not being any object – I don’t expect that to be the case with the Boehly team.

The Russian’s appointed brokers, the US-based Raine Group, have told Boehly that he must promise not to pay out dividends or take any management fees for a decade after the completion of the deal.

Rovell said: “You got a Russian oligarch who could spend as much as he wanted.

“I think money is going to be more strained because against the background of what Roman Abramovich could spend, they are not going to be spending as much.

The team’s future ownership is now at the behest of a private equity firm and not an oligarch, outright owner with no other investors listed.

“I think everyone is a downgrade from Roman. It’s difficult to upgrade from Roman Abramovich because the cash is there,” Rovell said.

Chelsea FC and the Dodgers are now interlinked with Boehly, both teams sport almost identical colors, and now it appears that both organizations will inevitably draw comparisons.

Under Boehly, the Dodgers have become perennial contenders.

Rovell says that Chelsea fans are not getting a loud or brash owner, like Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban in Boehly, but the American is expected to take over the team’s day-to-day operations.

Rovell said: “The fans don’t want a guy who knows it all, someone who doesn’t understand their traditions.

“It is a delicate balance with premiership teams because of the heritage, so you have to tip-toe lightly over what you are doing and how bold you are going to be.

“In a way that’s good because Todd Boehly is not an in your face guy who could rub people the wrong way early on.

“He’s going to bring his people, his insight and not look to make his mark, but to win, unlike other owners.”

Abramovich’s disposal of the team means Chelsea fans are on the receiving end of an owner that may be out to prove something.

Rovell says most Americans could not pick Boehly out of a line up, despite being a part of a high profile ownership group for one of the most highly visible teams.

Rovel said: “He doesn’t manifest itself in a way owners normally do, by showing the world who he is and that he is the one making moves.

“I think he clearly delegates authority and understands there are people who do what they do in scouting that are better than him.”

Rovell says that although Chelsea may experience financial restraint under new ownership, Boehly’s could end up being a win for the team.

He said: “Fans should expect someone the quieter side that has the wherewithal to spend, that has shown a record to win, has shown a record to delegate to the right people.

“I think overall it is a net positive.”

Ralf Rangnick reveals how Man United board scuttled club’s top-four chances

Ralf Rangnick says Manchester United blew their top-four chances by not getting a striker in January.

The interim boss could see problems ahead with Edinson Cavani injury plagued, Anthony Martial out on loan and then Mason Greenwood suspended the day before the January transfer deadline.

But German coach Rangnick was turned down after being told there was nobody available.

Rangnick said: “I spoke to the board and told them, ‘Shouldn’t we at least speak and analyse and find if we can at least get a player, on loan or a permanent deal?’

“In the end the answer was no. Maybe they didn’t want to do any winter business. It doesn’t matter, the answer was no.

“Maybe I still believe that we should have tried in those 48 hours, the board meanwhile sees it the same way, they agreed, but they also spoke to the scouting department at the same time as me.”

Rangnick cited examples of January moves of forwards that other clubs made including Luis Diaz to Liverpool and Julian Alvarez who signed for Manchester City but was loaned back to River Plate until the summer and Dusan Vlahovic who went from Fiorentina to Juventus.

He added: “There were a few… Diaz who is now at Liverpool, Alvarez who will be at Man City in the summer, Vlahovic who at the time was still with Fiorentina.

“So those are just three of them that come across my mind now.”

Asked if he thinks he could have got any of them, he said: “I don’t know. But as I said, maybe we should have at least internally discussed it. It might be necessary and important.

“I still believe we should have at least tried.

“It would have been short notice anyway but still, 48 hours is 48 hours. It might have been at least worth trying and internally discuss it.”

Photo Credit: ManUnited/Twitter

Official: Todd Boehly signs agreement to buy Chelsea

American billionaire Todd Boehly and his consortium have signed an agreement to buy Chelsea from Roman Abramovich in a deal reportedly worth around £4.25bn.

Boehly, who part-owns the LA Dodgers, is poised to run the London side despite a last-gasp £4billion offer from Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Boehly and his team, which includes billionaires Mark Walter, Hansjorg Wyss and investment firm Clearlake Capital, still face two more hurdles before they officially take charge.

He was pictured at Stamford Bridge on Friday and will now be put forward for Government and Premier League approval.

It is expected the league will approve the takeover, but only after the completion of an owners’ and directors’ test.

Boehly is on course to complete his takeover by the end of this month, as just over three weeks remain on the club’s current operating licence, which expires on May 31.