Antonio Conte opens up on his Chelsea experience, explains why he’s still living in Cobham

Former Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has explained his experience at Stamford Bridge, highlighting differences he discovered between Italian and English football.

The tactician sat down with Sky Italia talkshow ‘E poi c’e Cattelan’ to discuss his life in London after the Chelsea dismissal.

“I am still living in London, as we wanted to give our little girl the opportunity to learn English,” explained Conte.

“We live in Cobham, in the countryside near Chelsea’s training ground, so there isn’t much to do. I spend a lot of my time on the couch watching matches and TV shows.

“Chelsea represented a very important experience for my career, as a Coach needs to have an experience abroad, dealing with other cultures and languages.

“I am satisfied, we won a Premier League title and played in two FA Cup Finals in two years.”

Conte was asked about the differences between Italian and English football.

“There are many, above all before the game in Italy it’s like walking into church, whereas in England the kit staff put on loud music straight after I’ve announced the line-up.

“It wasn’t easy to deal with at first, but you get used to it. It’s impossible to change everything. I had particular problems with the differences in nutrition.

“Yet there is a definite difference in the intensity with which the English teams run. If you watch Italian and English games, you see there is a lot less focus on tactics and they tend to just throw everything forward.”

Conte was asked where he’ll be next season and insisted no decision has been made.

“I’d love to know too! I really don’t know at the moment. I’ll go to a team with a project that convinces me.”