Cesc Fabragas identifies Chelsea player who’s more skillful than Bukayo Saka, Phil Foden

Chelsea and Arsenal hero has picked the Stamford Bridge club sensastion Cole Palmer as far more skillful than the Gunners’ star Bukayo Saka and Manchester City’s Phil Foden.

The three England internationals have been very influential in their club’s campaigns this season.

Fabregas was playing a game where he had to pick between Saka, Palmer and Foden in a number of categories.

Each player won a number of categories, but, interestingly, when it came down to pure skill, Fabregas picked Palmer over Foden and Saka.

“Skill?” Fabregas was asked.

“Palmer,” Fabregas said.

Indeed, while Foden and Saka are incredible talents, we’ve seen something from Palmer this season that we haven’t seen from Foden or Saka.

Palmer has single-handedly put a team on his back and been something of a one-man army at times this term, while Saka and Foden are more cogs in well-oiled machines rather than being mavericks who take matters into their own hands.

Of course, there’s no saying that Saka or Foden couldn’t have had a similar effect if they were in Palmer’s shoes, but based on what we’ve seen this season, we’d probably say that Palmer is the most skilful of the three players.