Chelsea fans in meltdown as N’Golo Kante nutmegs Liverpool star during Super Cup clash

Chelsea fans were in meltdown after N’Golo Kante nutmegged James Milner in the Super Cup final in Turkey.

The London club went 1-0 up thanks to a goal from Olivier Giroud towards the end of the first half.

Kante was brilliant in the build-up to the goal, ghosting past Liverpool’s midfield to lay the ball onto Christian Pulisic, who threaded through to Giroud.

Kante’s best moment of the half, however, came at the expense of Milner.

The France international picked the ball up out wide before turning into the path of Milner, who could do nothing but watch as Kante popped the ball through his legs.

And Chelsea fans absolutely loved it on Twitter, thr Daily Express reports.

One said: “That Kante’s nutmeg on Milner was cleeeean!!!!!”

Another went with: “Somebody tell N’Golo Kante that Milner has a family. Totally embarrassed him!”

A third wrote: “N’Golo Kante just did Milner dirty. This nutmeg is pure filth. Proper baller.”

Someone else said: “Kante just demolishing Liverpool’s midfield (read: Milner)”

Another joked: “It was at this moment James Milner knew…….Kante retired him #superCup #LIVCHE.”

While one tweeted: “Kante absolutely dismantling that LFC midfield. Milner has been awful. That goal was coming.”

Another wrote: “Kante is by far the best player in the world in his position, what a player… Gives him a helping hand when he’s walking past Milner though.”

This Chelsea fan said: “KANTE!!!…… is teaching the Duo of Milner and Henderson a very bitter lesson in midfield dominance. Dude has covered every blade of grass.”

This supporter wrote: “You lot forgot Kante was a Tiny World Breaker and now look. He’s nutmegging man, beating up James Milner and acting up for attention like a teenage tearaway.”

And finally, another went with: “I thought Milner getting nutmegged by Messi was horrible, that Kante one.”

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