Chelsea legend Ashley Cole reveals how he dressed Zlatan Ibrahimovic down during dressing room row at LA Galaxy

Ashley Cole has shared a brilliant anecdote from a dressing room row with Zlatan Ibrahimovic during their time at LA Galaxy.

The former Chelsea and England left-back and Swedish superstar overlapped for a short time in 2018 for the MLS club.

And during an appearance on A League of their Own, Cole was asked what it was like to work with Ibrahimovic.

The 40-year-old said: ‘He has two personalities, with us in the dressing room he was brilliant, quiet, very humble but for the media he was God.

“He had moments where he would come in the dressing room and really let people know about their s*** touch, can’t run, you’re slow but in front of the media his persona changed.”

When asked if Ibrahimovic had ever confronted him, Cole added: ‘He tried to once, he did throw his hands in the air.

“And I said ‘Put your f***ing hands down’, I’m deadly serious, honestly. I was thinking ‘you might have a little point, but don’t put your hands up’.”

Cole retired from playing in 2019 after a brief stint at Derby while the 39-year-old evergreen striker is still going strong at AC Milan.

He enjoyed a brilliant short spell up front in the MLS, scoring 52 goals in 56 matches for the franchise.

And the Hollywood backdrop to his career made for the perfect match. Upon arrival, according to the Mail, Ibrahimovic took out a full page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times with the heading ‘Dear Los Angeles, you’re welcome.’