Chelsea legend warns Mauricio Pochettino ahead of his appointment as boss

May 21st, 2023 by Olasunkanmi Ibikunle

Ruud Gullit has given Mauricio Pochettino some advice ahead of his appointment as Chelsea boss.

Speaking to The Mirror, as quoted by the Express, the Dutchman said: “There are too many players. Too many good players. How many are there? Thirty?

“If you’ve been bought by Chelsea, then you are at a level and you want to play. But they will complain if they are not in the team. The players who aren’t playing are going to talk badly. That’s normal.

“But if Chelsea win, they have nothing to say. They shut up. And now you have players who are in the team on Sunday and out of it on Wednesday. They are moaning, too. Chelsea isn’t winning. So they all moan.

“There are uncertainties everywhere. And it’s the ones who don’t play who are the ones you have to be careful of. So, the group is too big. It’s creating a horrible atmosphere.”

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