Footballer dies after Cardiac arrest during match

A Greek footballer has died aged just 21 after a cardiac arrest during a match with no defibrillator or ambulance at the stadium.

Alexandros Lampis was turning out for third-tier side Ilioupoli.

But with just five minutes on the clock, reports in his homeland say the attacking midfielder collapsed.

Tragically, there was no way to resuscitate him on the pitch and the ambulance did not arrive at the ground for another 20 minutes.

Ilioupoli announced the sad news on their social media channels.

Translated from Greek, the club wrote: “Our Aleko, our friend, our brother, you left so unjustly.

“The whole team, the whole city is mourning today.

“The words do not come out… only an unbearable pain and a knot in the stomach. Have a good trip Alecara.”

The shocking incident comes just eight months after Christian Eriksen fell to the turf playing for Denmark at Euro 2020.

Like Lampis, the midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest.

Thankfully, doctors and medics were able to jump into action immediately with CPR and get his heart beating again.

He made a full recovery in hospital, had an ICD fitted and signed a six-month deal with Brentford this week to make a return to professional football.

There have also been a number of concerning incidents surrounding player heart conditions in recent months.

Sergio Aguero was forced to retire after experiencing chest pains playing for Barcelona while there were also scares for Victor Lindelof and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.