Germany national football team’s plane forced to make emergency landing in Edinburgh Airport

A plane carrying the German national football team was forced into an unscheduled landing in Edinburgh amid a ‘mid-air emergency’.

The side had won 4-0 in World Cup qualification in Iceland on Wednesday before departing Keflavik International Airport at 1am.

The flight then encountered difficulty while mid-air over Scotland and sent out a Code 7700 distress signal.

The official Twitter account for Germany moved to update fans this morning and explained players will be returning home individually.

A tweet read: “Safety first. Safe stopover as a precaution in Edinburgh.

“From there, individual onward and return journeys are planned.”

Following concern from fans on social media they added: “We are fine. Safety check on the machine is running.”

infotweet Safety first. Sichere Zwischenlandung als Vorsichtsmaßnahme in Edinburgh. Von dort aus individuelle Weiter- und Rückreise geplant.

— Die Mannschaft (@DFB_Team) September 9, 2021

Following a sharp right-hand turn over Arbroath, the German team landed in Edinburgh and safely exited the plane.

The charter flight KLJ2703, operated by Klasjet, was flown by a on a Boeing 737-522 which tracker website Flightradar24 shows carried out eight successful journeys in the past week.

The squad, which includes Premier League stars Bernd Leno, Antonio Rudiger, Kai Havertz, Timo Werner and Ilkay Gundogan, were originally due to land in Frankfurt.