Italy football legend reveals why Romelu Lukaku is struggling at Chelsea

Former England manager Fabio Capello has offered a fascinating insight as to why Romelu Lukaku is struggling at Chelsea.

Lukaku set a Premier league record of the fewest touches ever in a Premier League game during the 1-0 win against Crystal Palace at the weekend.

While on punditry duty for Sky Italia, Capello hinted that Chelsea’s possession-based football is the reason for Lukaku’s woes.

He said: “Lukaku fit perfectly into Conte’s counter-attacking style at Inter, because there were lots of spaces, he had this physical strength and pace that allowed him to flatten the defenders in Serie A.

“However, Chelsea play this very different type of football with lots of short passes and Lukaku doesn’t have the same spaces to move in.

“He also finds that in England the defenders have a similar physicality to him and hold out more.