Jurgen Klopp furious as Diego Simeone snubs post-match handshake after Atletico Madrid slump to Liverpool

Diego Simeone refused to shake Jurgen Klopp’s hand after seeing his Atletico Madrid fall to a 3-2 defeat by Liverpool in a dramatic Champions League contest.

The LaLiga champions saw Antoine Griezmann sent off, a penalty given against them and a penalty decision of their own overturned in a disappointing night for Simeone’s side.

After the game, the Argentine boss sprinted straight down the tunnel, refusing to shake the Liverpool manager’s hand.

Klopp did not seem impressed, holding out his hand and then giving a sarcastic thumbs-up when Simeone ran down the tunnel, but the German boss was keen to play down the incident in his interview with BT Sport.

He later reacted furiously to the suggestion from a Spanish broadcaster that he was angry at Simeone’s actions.

The German said: “Why was I angry? I am not such an idiot that you can [ask a] little bit question here. I was not angry at all.

“Have a look. I can imagine you want to make a story out of that, but I wanted to shake his hand, he [Simeone] doesn’t want it.

“In that moment I can understand that, he was running inside. He’s emotional, I’m emotional, and you are not a nice person because you want to make a story out of that.

“You said I’m angry, when was I angry? Now I am angry because of your question, come on.”

When the interviewer said he was serious, Klopp said ‘yeah yeah’ before walking away from the interview.

It also comes after Klopp told the media on Monday that he was not a fan of the Spanish club’s style of football.

BT pundits Peter Crouch and Joleon Lescott hit out at Simeone after the game for his refusal to shake the Liverpool manager’s hand.

Former Liverpool player Crouch said: ‘I respect him so much as a manager Simeone but I just think during the game, winding the crowd up, winding the players up, I understand it, but then not shaking hands at the end he lets himself down.’

Lescott described Simeone as ‘petty’ for his refusal to shake hands.

The ex-Manchester City defender said: ‘I think it’s petty. He handled himself well yesterday in regards to the remarks Jurgen Klopp made before the game but he didn’t seem phased by it.

“But then not to shake his hand and then run off up the tunnel was a bit cowardly in my opinion.”