Live coverage of Enyimba vs Al Merrikh of Sudan (CAF Champions League) in Aba

First Half

1′ The centre ref gets the match underway

The spirit is so high in the stadium as the relatively few supporters are cheering the home side for an early minute opener

Cyril Olisema of enyimba seem to be dictating play in the middle of the park for the host

5′ Saif Terry drives inside the 18 yard box with pacy run, but a timely challenge from timothy danladi intercepted what could have been an early damage for the people’s elephant

8″ Saif Terry the same hero in omdurman opens the scoring for the visitors with a sublime finish, racing from the middle of the pitch, gone pass timothy danladi and slotted home from close range.. 1 nil to Al merrikh

11′ Amad Kadiri nods in a close range header from sadiq abubakar’s corner, only for a well positionally placed Al merikkh defender to intercept what could have been a leveller

14′ Victor Mbaoma levels from a close range. Thanks to stanlet okorom’s free kick which the goalkeeper failed to deal with. As the onrushing mbaoma taps home… its 1 all.

2 substitutions already in the opening half for enyimba,though it was influenced by different reasons.. one tactical, the other injury related

Nabil Abdel came in for timothy danladi, whilejean Marie Guera replaced the less impressive Farouk Mohammed

24′ Enyimba keeps possession as they try to surge in, still believing that there’s gonna be a comeback,

37′ Well-timed cross from Jean Marie Guera off the right flank almost resulted to a Victor Mbaoma’s header, but there’s a timely interception from an opposition defender… its still 1 all here in Aba

42′ the seemingly lively Sadiq Abubakar drives in from the left side of the pitch, his determined surge inside the box was eventually halted by the Al Merrikh right back. Free kick for Enyimba

43′ Stanley Okorom shoots from close range, but it was a weak effort from the right back.

45′ Stanley Okorom delivers a cross inside the box, only for the goalkeeper to mistime, Falling to Sadiq Abubakar, but his acrobatic effort yieded no dividend.

Enyimba keep pushing, still believing as they hold on firm to possession

45+ Al Merrikh coach gets his marching orders, as he is benig sent off. no thanks to his touchline misconduct

The centre referee brings the first half to an end.. its 1 all