Manchester United legend blasts Arsenal after Chelsea win at Emirates

Roy Keane blasted Arsenal’s performance after their 2-0 loss to Chelsea at the Emirates.

According to the Manchester United legend, Arsenal have been so problematic that they can only hope for a top-seven finish this season.

He told told Sky Sports: “They’d take [top seven] now, definitely.

“You need established players in your dressing room. Arsenal are going down the road of buying young potential, that’s what the club has decided to do, they’re thinking ‘hopefully we can sell these players on’.

“You have to spend the big money for these lads. Man United buy [Raphael] Varane at centre-half, Liverpool buy [Virgil] Van Dijk.

“You have to buy the established players. Which top players really want to come to Arsenal? If [Romelu] Lukaku had a choice to pick Arsenal or Chelsea he would choose Chelsea any day of the week.

“There’s players at Arsenal on huge wages, you can’t shift them, settled in London, cushy lives.

“You have players here that the manager doesn’t want anything to do with them, they give out silly contracts”

“It was very very comfortable [for Chelsea].

“They scored two, could have been five, six, seven maybe and I think if they really went for it in the second half.

“We saw the quality of Chelsea players, their confidence. They had a swagger, Chelsea, and you could see the shortcomings of Arsenal and on a match day there’s no hiding place. And it’s going to be a long old season for Arsenal.

“You can’t keep looking back, you have to look at some of the senior players that are hanging around. There’s doubts over some of them lads. It’s hard to get that foundation.

“The younger players need a helping hand from these senior players, they need to stand up and be counted and prove what playing for a club like Arsenal should mean to them.

“[It’s] probably good they’re not in Europe because they’ve lost their last two league games. [Mikel] Arteta is learning on the job, this is his first job as manager”