Mauricio Pochettino responds to Chelsea supporters chanting Jose Mourinho’s name

Mauricio Pochettino has hit out at Chelsea supporters for chanting the name of old manager Jose Mourinho during a tricky run of form for the Blues.

Last weekend’s draw against Brentford was the 16th time from 26 games in the Premier League this season that Chelsea have dropped points. A remarkable record, not least because of the results and subsequent success supporters of the west London outfit have become used to in recent years.

Of course, one of their most impactful managers during the modern era was Mourinho himself, with the Portuguese manager guiding Chelsea to eight major honours across two separate spells as boss. He is a much-loved figure at the capital club and one supporters have been recently yearning for with reminiscent chants.

“I respect Jose, he is my friend. He was amazing for this club, his medals here are amazing,” Pochettino said when asked about the Mourinho chants.

“We need to be pushing and believe in us and accept the things that come from the fans. If the players believe that with another coach they can do better… maybe they can talk with the owner or sporting director.”

He added: “You need to ask the players. You can ask. Do you see me worried about this? No. Is it a problem of attitude? No. It is a problem? No. You can see in the way that they behave that they are behind us. Of course there is no doubt.”

It comes at a crucial point in Pochettino’s Chelsea career, with rumours about his future continuing to spread. There has been talk that if Chelsea fail to qualify for Europe next season, be that in the Champions League or any of the Europa competitions, the ex-Tottenham Hotspur boss could be sacked less than one season into the job.

Despite this, Pochettino has doubled down on his suitability for the role, suggesting the Chelsea he’s currently in charge of is much different to the one Mourinho managed: “It is a different project, today is a different Chelsea. My mistake is to accept to come here if you say to me (it is not). Because if you are going to judge us compared to the past of Chelsea, no one is going to win. People need to understand.

“It is completely unfair to compare different periods of the club. The circumstances are different today than in the past. I came here because I knew it was going to be tough but always knew we would need time and belief. The project is about young players and a new team, to build a new team, always you need time.”