Pep Guardiola identifies Premier League manager who inspires him

Pep Guardiola admitted that his big rival Jurgen Klopp inspires him and makes him a better manager.

The Manchester City boss was delighted to get a message of congratulations from the Liverpool boss after his team clinched the title on Tuesday.

He also got one from Carlo Ancelotti at Everton as the Premier League trophy headed for the Etihad for a third time in four years.

Guardiola said: “I appreciate it a lot. He and Carlo Ancelotti did it. I could not answer the messages yet but I will do. I admire both of them.

“Jurgen, of course, was an inspiration for me. He made me, through his teams at Dortmund and Liverpool, a better manager.

“He made me think a lot about games and opponents. So thank you so much.”