Romelu Lukaku “a modern day Olivier Giroud”- Former Liverpool star

Glen Johnson has labelled Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku as a ‘modern day Olivier Giroud’.

The 28-year-old has returned to Stamford Bridge in a £97.5m transfer deal from Inter Milan and Johnson says he will ’cause a lot of problems’ in the Premier League this season.

Johnson believes Lukaku will thrive in west London and has likened the Belgian to former Chelsea and Arsenal striker Giroud.

Speaking to SBK Sportsbook, Johnson said: “He’s going to score loads of goals and he’ll cause all teams a lot of problems.

“He’s almost the modern upgrade on Olivier Giroud. People used to moan when Giroud played, but I don’t think people realised how good he was for that side. Lukaku is the same, but quicker and more powerful. He’s a great addition for that style of play. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had a field day against Arsenal.

“At Chelsea the first time, it didn’t really work, but he now knows the league. He’s obviously a more mature player now. If he didn’t think he was capable then I’m sure he wouldn’t have gone back. He’s tactically better than he was and his game awareness has improved big time. This time around he can make it work.”

Assessing Chelsea’s title credentials, Johnson added: “Signing Lukaku puts them closer, but Manchester United will be there as well.

“United finished second by a stretch last season and their home form was awful. They’ve kind of gone under the radar a little bit.

“They didn’t need much more to have a real go last season, so if they can string a few performances together, they’re going to be close as well.”