Sergio Aguero rejects Lionel Messi’s jersey despite Gerard Pique persuasion

New FC Barcelona signing Sergio Aguero has decided against taking friend Lionel Messi’s famed Number 10 jersey

Since Lionel Messi’s departure for Paris Saint-Germain nobody at the Catalan club seems to want it.

According to Marca, the number ten shirt at Barcelona is more than a number as the story and the shadow behind it is intimidating

Ibai Llanos joked about it with Gerard Pique during a Twitch session on Sunday evening.

“Nobody’s wearing the ten, right?” he asked.

“There’s nobody with balls”. Pique replied: “Well, I think someone will take it. I told Kun [Sergio Aguero] to take it it, but he doesn’t like the idea.”

Llanos summed up the situation succinctly. “That shirt carries 30 kilos of extra weight,” he said.

Aguero announced on Wednesday afternoon that he’ll wear the number 19 at Barcelona this season, confirming that he decided against wearing the ten.

His future has been much-discussed since Messi left, with the Argentine seemingly joining Barcelona to play alongside his old friend. Latest reports indicate he’s going to push for a move to MLS this winter; he’s out of action at the time of writing due to an injury. He’s expected back in November.