Former Chelsea manager doubts durable Mourinho-Levy relationship at Tottenham

Former Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has questioned whether his compatriot Jose Mourinho will strike up a strong relationship working alongside chairman Daniel Levy.

Villas-Boas, who was once at the saddle as Tottenham manager, believes Mourinho has the talent to get the club back on track, with the side currently 14th in the Premier League table.

“I’m very happy for Jose (Mourinho),” the Marseille manager told reporters as cited by SkySports.

“A coach with his career cannot spend 11 months without a club. There are coaches who can take sabbaticals, like I did, but Jose is not one of them.

“He is obsessed with football. He comes back to a club I know well, with a president, Daniel Levy, whom I know well.

“It’s an unusual marriage because I know both parties well. These are two characters who have reached an agreement even if I’m not sure it will work very well between the two (laughs). But if a coach can win Tottenham, it’s Jose.”

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