Thomas Tuchel reveals Romelu Lukaku’s attributes, wants to unleash striker against Arsenal on Sunday

Romelu Lukaku has been tipped to hit the ground running for Chelsea by boss Thomas Tuchel as he prepares to make his debut for the Blues at Arsenal this weekend.

“Is Romelu the missing piece? Well we hope so, but at the same time we try to find solutions for any questions that are asked during games,” said Tuchel.

“And we want to still be a strong squad and a squad that comes from a team effort.

“And Romelu is that kind of personality and profile that we were missing up front. And from now it’s our job to push that to the limit.

“We have one more training session to go, but the week was a heavy load for him because he was in the group with the late starters from our guys.

“But we are hoping he’s on the pitch for Sunday and things look like that will happen.

“I think he’s unique; from his physicality, from his ability to play with the back to goal. But for me he’s at his strongest when he’s in the half-open, open position even for transition gain, to use his immense speed.

“So I think with this kind of physical power and at the same time being so fast, and being so hungry, and a true goalscorer in his characteristics, I think it’s also for me a unique and new experience to have this.

“He’s a very nice guy, which is very nice to see for us. Everybody told us about it and everybody was right.

“We are a good group and it’s very important for us to be a good group, a respectful group and a very democratic group where everyone is involved and shares the responsibility.

“This is a great situation for us so let’s hope it stays so positive.”