Tuchel says he doubted referee’s decision to send Reece James off, reveals what Chelsea did to minimize Liverpool’s effect in second half

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel doubted the referee’s decision to send Reece James off with a straight red card after he handled the ball in the area.

Tuchel told Sky Sports: “The red card – I’m not even sure any more if it’s the rules or not the rules.

“You have to accept the decision. He maybe would have changed his mind with moving pictures.

“With pure will, resilience and team effort at its very best. Never lose the shape, try to close the half spaces.

“We decided to stay active in the back five because of all the runs in half spaces, the fluid runs from Liverpool and their high full-backs.”

The west London club’s boss described James’ dismissal against Liverpool as a “double punishment”.

He continued: “A double punishment is super hard and it’s a bit of a spoiler for the game. If the referee says he denies a clear chance, then it’s a red card.

“It’s a spoiler of the game, nobody wants to say that for 45 minutes. I’ve not solution now for it and no better idea. In general, it’s a spoiler.

“I can understand the decision and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I didn’t like the way the referee checked it because he was only shown the image. The image only shown the clear contact.

“I’d have liked a longer consideration. Maybe the decision stays the same. But I have to live with it. Some decisions stay with the responsibility in the moment”