(Watch Video) Sadio Mane misses penalty as Mohamed Salah tells Egypt Goalkeeper where Senegal captain will aim in AFCON final, fans react

Mohamed Salah appeared to tell Egypt keeper Gabaski which way his Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane was going to go before the spot kick was saved.

Senegal were awarded a penalty in the opening moments of their Africa Cup of Nations final against the Pharaohs.

Mane, perhaps put off by the idea that Salah has told the ‘keeper where he likes to go, opted for power.

It’s just to the right of centre but Gabaski guessed right and denied him!

Mane was made to wait for three minutes before taking the penalty as Egypt delayed by protesting against the decision.

And during that period Salah spoke to Gabaski, seemingly giving him some words of advice as he knows Mane inside out.

At one stage Mane came over to the Egyptian pair and said something himself.

The Senegal international also appeared to point to the direction he was going to go and tell Gabaski what he planned to do.

But it would be Salah and Gabaski who would win out in the end as the keeper brilliantly pushed away the venomous penalty – which was thumped down the middle.

Social media sprang into action after Mane’s miss, with one user joking: “Don’t ever tell your friend all your secrets.. You see what Salah did to Mane?”

Reacting to the incident, another user compared it to Cristiano Ronaldo’s infamous wink after getting Wayne Rooney sent off at the 2006 World Cup.

They wrote: “Salah told the GK, where would Mane put the ball leading to Mane missing the penalty! Reminds me of Ronaldo trying to get Rooney sent off and then winking!”

Another added that the penalty may put a strain on their relationship at club level by saying: “The Mane/Salah rivalry is going to be stronger than ever back at Liverpool.”

And one agreed: “I’m not sure the Mane/Salah friendship can survive this if Egypt do a smash n’ grab.”

Gabaski’s save came after he had already helped his country to win TWO penalty shoot-outs against Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

Egypt have won the Africa Cup of Nations a record seven times.

Senegal on the other hand have never won the competition – finishing runners-up in 2002 and 2019.