Thomas Tuchel tells Tammy Abraham task ahead of him to secure regular shirt in Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel has told Tammy Abraham there is no easy way back into the Chelsea team.

Tuchel, who replaced Frank Lampard on January 26, said: “I don’t think he’s the top scorer since I arrived. So I can only judge what I see and what we have together from the first minute when I arrived.

“I have seen a bright young man in front of me. A guy who is self-confident, who has a lot of talent. But it cannot be that in a period of such good results that suddenly the guys who don’t play are the winners.

“This cannot be. Because first of all, you need to be in the squad and if you are in a winning squad, you have your part in this winning squad.

“And it cannot be that sometimes the people who don’t make it to the squad are in the end the winners, although the team is winning many games. This is not logical to me. We are aware that he scored, we are aware that he scored a lot in the cup.

“We had some tactical changes he had to accept. We accept that he was injured. OK, so now it’s a difficult time to try things out because while he is injured the engine keeps on running.”